Q-When will I know what my code is?
A-Once your payment is processed , you will receive your Simply Remembering Certificate with the Unique Access Code and Password with your purchase.

Q- If I make my story private, how can I or anyone else view the story?
A-You will need to put your Unique Access Code # and Password into the login fields on the Homepage in the bottom right corner. Once logged in you can click on “My Account” to view the story.

-Can anyone make comments on my story?
A-Yes, as long as you allowed for "public" viewing.

Q-I received a gift with my code, how do I look up the story associated with it?
A-Put your Unice Access Code that is engravedembroidered etc into the box on homepage where is says “To Find Story. Enter Code”

Q- If I want a custom piece created, who should I contact?
A- You can email us at Info@Simplyremembering.com with the subject title “Custom Piece” and your phone number and a representative will contact you.

Q- How do I or someone else add on to my story?
A- You can use your Uniqe Access Code # and Password to log into your account to add onto your story. Once you save, the story additions will appear on the website.

Q- What type photo can we upload ?
A-  You can upload images having extensions jpg,jpeg,bmp,gif,png with image size for stories 399px X 299px.

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