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SimplyRemembeRing.com allows people around the world to share their stories in a unique way, by purchasing one of our signature collection pieces that comes with your Unique Access Code then posting the story connected with the piece on the Simply RemembeRing website. 

Simply RemembeRing, is founded by a team of mother and son, the company connects the special traditions of buying, selling, giving and receiving keepsakes, with today’s convenience of online communications. 

Our Collection
Our pieces are hand selected designed with skill to reflect the occasions that make a lifetime special. Click here to browse the available products.
Everyone knows what makes a keepsake so special.  It’s the meaning, the person, the occasion, the story, the memory. It’s why you want to give such a special gift. Click here to read some of the stories that have already captured our hearts.

Thank you for making Simply Remembering part of your experience. Welcome, and please make this space your own!

Holly Curran

Tim Curran

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